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Hello World!


I love to travel.  So much so that after graduation from university I packed away my degree and signed up to work for Pan Am.  This was during the days when first class meant preparing gourmet meals and carving prime rib in front of passengers.  When layovers were in places such as Roma, Buenos Aires, Rio di Janeiro, Trinidad, and Guatemala City–always in 4- and 5-star hotels.  Most of all, it was a time when I could chat on lengthy flights with diplomats and entrepreneurs, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, artists, musicians, writers.  My world expanded rapidly–living in Miami and then D.C., visiting museums in New York and London, touring coffee plantations in Salvador, attending the opera in Paris, celebrating the New Year at a local PAA employee’s home in Sao Paulo.

So, where did I go next?  Well, it wasn’t exactly my first choice but I ended up in Newfoundland, a Canadian province located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Love and marriage take you to all kinds of new places.

Beginning with 6 months of dark, 6 months of light, every day in Newfoundland was an adventure and an opportunity to work on my creativity.  My husband began a jazz program at a local radio station: I began to paint.  There were so many things that spoke to me–unpainted houses that faced the roaring seas with a sense of forlorn and challenge, goats that picked through the rocky cliffs for sustenance, WWII bunkers disguised by gigantic blueberry bushes, children playing ice hockey on the frozen roads.  

Then there was the moose rendeszous, something that continues to puzzle and intrigue. Every morning a full-grown male moose greetedt me as I drove to school.  He trotted toward me in the left lane, I traveled the right.  He would raise his head, looking me in the eye, but he never wavered in his path.  This continued until the early hours of morning began to lighten and hints of greenery began to appear.  He disappeared, never to greet me again, and broke my heart.  My love affair with the moose was over.

What does one do with such adventures?  What is the reason to travel?  For me it is a matter of growth and expansion; it fills my treasure chest with material for painting.  More importantly it enriches me and opens my heart, allowing me to pour emotional content into my work.  It also enables me to share openly and freely with others.

So where am I going next?  Italy, of course.  Where better to see the greatest art, enjoy the most delicious food, meet the friendliest people, and work from the heart.  

Come join me!  I’d love to share the adventure with you.


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Posted by susan on July 26, 2012
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  1. 10/29/2012

    How beautiful! What a trip, I want to go now! The temperature is in the 40s, and the colors of the hillsides look so inviting to paint…To breath in the History, and Beauty of it all. what a great trip!!



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