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About Susan

Artist Statement:  I am a curious person.  The world is filled with so many ideas, people,and places that I find intriguing.   I am always exploring and challenging myself, climbing out on a limb and reaching farther than is safe, venturing off to places where I’ve never been, attempting to understand why people do certain things and how they feel afterwards.

My paintings reflect this intellectual and artistic curiosity.  I choose to paint subjects that appeal to my imagination.  The ancient walls where Anasazi once lived, beautiful women whose faces reflect generations of mixed ethnicity, flavorful foods that taste of the land where they were grown, fields of yellows and blues so pure they make my heart ache with yearning.

The desire for excellence goes hand in hand with my need to learn, explore, and find answers.  I am not content to work formulaically.  One success teaches me to look for the next, pushing new works beyond what I have done previously.  It’s a sense of integrity within me to push, push, push–always beyond what I know.

This striving has its downside.  Not all my experiments have been successful, nor will they be in the future.  They do, however, hold great value because I learn from them.  The way I work with collage, for example, developed after months of experiments with gesso, watercolors, torn papers, and acrylic inks.  No-one taught me how to create figures from paper and paste, but I struggled until I had the desired result.  The Muse Series was the result.

I believe that every person possesses great potential for producing creative work.  It is a basic human need, and it should not be smothered or ignored.  Painting is my way of finding answers and sharing them with others.  When you view one of my pieces, try to imagine what kinds of questions I was asking while painting.  Enjoy.


Biography:  M.A. in Literature from Northwestern University,  B.A. in Literature from the University of Missouri,  A.A. in Music and Art from Stephens College. Additional art studies include workshops and classes in New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., Taos, Chicago, San Miguel de Allende, Tuscany, Sonoma County.


Exhibitions: My paintings have been included in many national and international exhibitions.
These include:

  • 2011 Watercolor U.S.A., Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO
  • 2010 California Watercolor Association National Exhibition
  • 2010 San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition (Award)
  • 2008 San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition
  • 2007 California Watercolor Association National Exhibition
  • 2007 San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibition (Award)
  • 2007 Tubac Aqueous Show
  • 2006 Arizona Watercolor Society National Exhibition
  • 2005 California Watercolor Association National Exhibition


Professional Affiliations:

  • California Watercolor Association, Signature Member
  • San Diego Watercolor Society, Signature Member
  • Arts Council Sonoma County, Member


Teaching:  My classes and workshops are relaxed, focused, and enjoyable.  I focus on individual expression and the development of a personal visual language. Instruction covers a full range of topics: drawing upon the masters for ideas about design and composition, choosing color combinations with the “zing” factor, exploring the transparency and opacity of watercolor, using collage for a highly personal statement, finding the abstract in everything around you.

Individual instruction is also available and can be arranged by email or phone. See the Classes and Workshops page for information on upcoming classes, including the 2013 Paint Italy Workshop.